As a premiere consulting firm with vast experience in the maritime sector, Maritime Consulting Partners, LLC (MCP) is equipped with the resources and experience to deliver tailored, cutting-edge solutions to clients of all sizes. For those seeking to overcome challenges or capitalize on opportunities to grow their business, MCP provides a unique combination of comprehensive services within the following focus areas:

Maritime Business

Business strategy is crucial to the ongoing success and growth of your organization. MCP helps you pinpoint your destination, identifying the hazards and best course and speed to proceed and monitoring progress to correct your course when necessary.

Risk Management &
Process Improvement

Your organization faces multiple risks from all directions in ways that could hinder your business. MCP can help you identify these risks and implement processes and management systems to mitigate their impact, allowing you to continue growing your business with confidence.

Marine Technical

Major projects, whether new, conversions or simple overhauls, require extensive planning and management. MCP can help by bringing years of vessel construction management experience to bear through proven project management methods.