Major projects, whether new construction, conversions or simple overhauls, require extensive planning and management. These activities, while absolutely necessary, can be a demanding distraction for ongoing operations and management resources. MCP can relieve that burden, allowing your management to focus on daily operations, by bringing years of vessel construction management experience to bear through proven project management methods.


Maritime Consulting Partners has extensive experience in marine engineering analysis, program development and planning activities.  MCP can develop engineering solutions for your operation to be more effective and efficient in the acquisition and preservation of your maritime assets.


Our talented group of engineers and vessel operators bring many years of experience to provide system point-of-failure analyses to mitigate and prevent failures, and to provide thorough analyses of failures after they occur.


The addition of maritime assets to your operation begins with the development of a strategy (see Maritime Business Strategy) in order to ensure the correct assets are identified and all the factors of financing, procurement regulations and market conditions are considered.  MCP marine engineers are a critical part of this strategy development and are perfectly suited to then ensure the technical aspects are properly executed, from the development of specifications to vessel surveys.


MCP offers comprehensive ‘beginning to end’ construction management services.  MCP has designed a comprehensive construction management program that begins with contract review, establishing operational requirements and vessel specifications, through shipyard selection, construction oversight and quality assurance, to complete sea trials and crew training.  This program also includes often overlooked aspects critical to successful ongoing operations, such as equipment data, maintenance support documents and ongoing warranty management.


Similar to Construction Management, MCP offers a full suite of overhaul planning and management services, from drafting overhaul specifications through cost estimating, shipyard selection, and contract oversight.


Whether you anticipate growth by adding new assets, secondary market assets or refurbishment of existing assets, understanding lifecycles and capital needs is cricital to any maritime organization.  While rough order of magnitude budgeting practices may cover some of these needs, MCP understands how to account for all of the details that will surface through an asset’s lifecycle and how to develop a plan that will capture everything in a chronological order to make accurate capital planning possible.

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